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Welcome Oh Queen of Intimacy

Join me on this journey of getting to know Yourself better and to stepping into Your most magnetic energy!

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Welcome Dear Queen,

Welcome to Your empowerment and welcome to Your ability to be intimate and to experience the magnetic energy of being intimate on Your terms.

It is every person's birthright to be intimate.

It is Your right

You were born to be intimate

Unfortunately, many women and men have difficulties because they were taught it was bad. Or they experienced some form of wounding that has prevented them from truly stepping into their ability to be intimate.

Intimacy isn't just sex. It is the ability to be present in the moment to moment experiences. In this presence You find the gold and the learnings. It is the connections You forge every day with other people around You.

It is your ability to participate in a sister hood that is ancient and tribal in it's most rawest forms.

It is a form of freedom.

I made this exquisite gift for You Oh Queen. With it I hope that You will move into Your most empowered states.

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