Sexual Freedom

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As Relationship & Psychosexual Dysfunction Specialist, I specialize in helping my Clients regain their ability to be Emotionally and Physically Intimate. 

Both Men and Women struggle with some form of Sexual Dysfunction in life at some point. Some people just don't realize that their low libido or sexual dysfunction isn't all that normal.

Most of the conditions can be resolved in as little as one or two sessions.  I work very differently than most Specialists, in that my methods are quick and results are permanent.

There are no pills, lotions, medication, painful vaginal dilators or uncomfortable pelvic physiotherapy involved. 

I simply mediate with Your Brain and Unconscious mind to rewire the brain so that You can regain Your ability to be intimate.

Below is a list that is by no means complete.

If You have a condition that You're dealing with and You're unsure if I can help with it, get in touch with me and I'll let You know if I can help or not.

Psychosexual Disorders

Intercourse Anorgasmia
Vaginal Dryness
Persistent Arousal Syndrome
Post-coital nausea (make sure You've had a medical checkup as this could be a hernia)
Sexual Aversion Disorder - A Pathological Aversion towards Sex or Genital contact
Sexual Abuse/Rape
Sexual Addiction or Obsession
Post Coital Depression
Menopausal Symptoms causing havoc on Your libido, Sleep and Relationships


Post coital Guilt
Masturbation Complex
Love Addiction
Negative Emotional Addiction
Obessive Behaviour
Physical or Nerve Pain that is stopping You from being Intimate in any way.
Erectile Dysfunction
Painful Sex
Penetration Anxiety
Early and Premature Ejaculation (there is a difference)

Most of the above sexual issues can be resolved in as little as one session or two sessions - this depends of course on a few factors.

Please speak to me so we can guage as to what Your needs are. 


Let's face it Addictions and Obsessive behavior can wreak havoc on Your Relationships, Money and Life in general and in most cases end up wrecking everything that is actually dear to You.

I have a specialized Freedom From Addiction program, during this time we tackle Sex, Porn and Love Addictions to help bring You into a space of empowerment.

Are You ready to get Your life back and experience a wonderfully integrated life without the addictions and obsessions? 

Apply to see if we're a good fit

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