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Men's Sexual Energy & Erection Booster Hypnotic Audio

  • Bust through Erectile Dysfunction
  • Become energized
  • Feel amazing about Yourself
  • Release Stress
  • Tap into your inner Erotic Male Energy
  • Have better Sex
  • Enhance Your relationship with Your partner
  • Regain Your libido for life

$ 25

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Raising Sexual & Sensual Energy Hypnotic Audio for Women

- Create erotic & sensual energy
- Raise Your libido
- Heal sexual wounding & shame
- Clear sexual fear
- Become friends with Your body and your erotic nature
- Release the reasons that have caused You to not feel aroused
- Become more confident in Your body
- Build healthy levels of erotic and sexual arousal
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Pendulum Attunement Guided Meditation

  • Connect with the Spirit of Your pendulum for better answers
  • Center and ground You so that when You work with Your pendulum that You’re coming from a space of relaxation
  • Learn how to ask Your questions properly for better answers
  • Meet Your inner Guide for better clarity
  • Connect to the energy of the materials used in Your Pendulum
  • Connect with Your Unconscious Minds and have a better relationship with them for better clarity and guidance


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Productivity Booster

  • Bust through Procrastination
  • Become Focused
  • Become Motivated
  • Become Energized
  • Feel Excited about Your work
  • Bust through any fears around being rejected or criticized
  • Become Courageous and Unstoppable


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Custom Self Improvement Program / Custom Erotic and Couple's Enhancement Program

  • Custom made Audios based on Your needs
  • Custom made worksheets/books
  • Custom exercises to do based on what it is that You need help with
  • Completely discreet and absolutely NO judgement

Who is this for?

Individuals or Couples that want to enhance performance in life in general or erotically.

Together we create a special program based on Your needs and Your personality traits. For more information :

$ 550.00

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Burnout Rx For Professionals Subliminal

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reprogram Yourself towards health
  • Ease underlying anxiety
  • New and healthier boundaries
  • New and healthier ways to say no without feeling guilty
  • Nurture Yourself
  • Accept and Love Yourself
  • Become Your own best friend
  • Feel supported
  • Find the joy and bliss in life
  • Find a Happier state of mind

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Burnout Rx For Professionals