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Whatever Your Desires, I am sure that my shop covers it. If not there is always the "Tailor made for You" product you can choose. Where we can get together and help create something based on Your needs.

I Last Long Men's Sexual Performance Enhancement Program

This powerful self help program allows You to take your performance enhancement into Your own hands. Last longer in bed through the brain retraining methods of this program

Men's Sexual Energy Hypnotic Audio

This simple but potent audio helps you to activate Your sexual energy. You will release limiting beliefs and thoughts around Your sexual energy and allow yourself to experience more pleasure.

P@ssy Magick Program

Learn to use your @rgasms to manifest what You want into your life. This is advanced LOA. Utilize Your Pleasure to create safety so that it's easier to receive the things You desire.

Raising S3xual Energy Program for Women

Raise the delicious and 3rotic energy that is in Your body and free Yourself to feel more s3xual energy.

Queen of @rgasm

Want to learn to have a hands free orgasm? Then this program is for You. Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body and activate your ability to experience a hands free full body orgasm.

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King of Intimacy

Queen of Intimacy

Mini programs to help You step into Your potent and magnetic sensual nature.