I am Orgasmic for Women

a POTENT Hybrid program developed to help you express your sexuality freely.

Powerful. Empowering. Freeing. This is the essence of I am Orgasmic.

Hybrid Program for Sexual Empowerment

This program is combined with specialized 1:1 coaching.

This program is for You if You :

  •  Struggle with low or no libido - regardless of the cause - even if you're menopausal you're in the right place. I can help with that.
  • If You've never had an orgasm, or reaching orgasms are particularly difficult for you
  • If you've only had an orgasm occasionally through a lot of work
  • Penetration is painful and leaves you feeling anxious
  • You've never consummated Your marriage due to Vaginismus
  • You have to go through a lot of hard work in order to handle penetration
  • You can't insert a tampon because it hurts
  • You are going through menopause and You are dry as the Sahara
  • You don't experience pleasure during sex
  • You want to experience sexual freedom and feel alive, juicy and just incredibly yummy and sensual
  • You carry tremendous sexual shame and guilt
  • You were told that your body is ugly and bad
  • You hate certain parts of your body and yourself
  • You want to just learn how to have a more juicier sex life and connect on a deeper level
  • You have terrible relationship patterns like shutting down when confronted
  • You are a brilliant business owner that want to learn to access more pleasure states that you can direct towards your own business - pleasure makes business easier and better. 😉
  • You are ready to explore multiple orgasms
  • You want to learn to use your sexual pleasure with the Law of Attraction - NO kidding - pleasure changes you neurochemically and what this allows us to do is to apply our orgasmic energy to help us reach goals.
  • You want to clean out limiting patterns that have prevented you from reaching your goals in all areas of life.

How does it work?

This program is a Hybrid program that includes 1:1 personal care sessions.

The sessions are there to help you release anything that is preventing You from having Your ideal sexual narrative. Everything is done eyes open, once in a while I may ask you to close your eyes as we work with the brain and it's powerful metaphorical information.

Sessions are around 1 1/2 hours to  2 hours and this package gives You 5 sessions one on one.

During our journey together you will be doing some self practices at home which will empower and enrich your entire system further.

The program is made up of meditations, breathwork and body exploration exercises which You do in your own time at home.

The program is yours to come back to over and over again to explore your sexual energy more and more and expand in your own powerful sexual narratives

It just builds and creates more richness and juiciness in Your life when you come back to it and use the tools on a daily basis.

You're going to make friends with Your body and we will be creating a deep sense of safety around Your sexual energy.

In short, you will have the sex life you desire on YOUR terms.

You won't be scared of rejection any longer

You will feel alive

You will choose to thrive

Life will just become more amazing

Sexual thriving means you'll be thriving in other areas too

What happens when I've paid?

You will be sent a link to book a short 30 minute chat with me about your needs.
You will be sent a contract from me with a full intake
Then You will get access to the online scheduler so You can book your sessions with me.
You will start your first audio which you have to listen to for 7 days before our initial session, and you will then start to go into the units of the program.

Please take note : 

  • Please speak to me FIRST if you have depression or serious health conditions
  • Please speak to me FIRST if you have any psychosis
  • Please make sure that you have been checked out by a medical specialist for your condition first before booking with me