I can't orgasm!

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What is Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is a condition that many women suffer from silently and it is also a very common condition. They usually feel broken as a result of this condition. Women who struggle from Anorgasmia usually struggle from either General Anorgasmia, where they aren't able to experience any orgasm no matter what they do.

It comes in two forms : Primary and Secondary.

With Primary Anorgasmia, You have never ever experienced an orgasm at any time. No matter how many times oyu've stimulated yourself. It goes without saying that you don't know what an orgasm even feels like. In some cases, you may have also experienced a little "something", but it ended up going away.

Some women can achieve what we refer to as the "plateau phase", but then don't go beyond that. Whilst other women will have felt some exciting feelings and sensations but it remains at that.

Secondary Anorgasmia on the other hand is where you have experienced some form of orgasm in the past, but have somehow lost the ability. In this case, there may be many reasons for this. Sometimes it can be due to trauma, guilt or shame that has created this stop.

There may be external circumstances at play here as well. Sometimes medication can play a role, as well as the approach a partner takes to intimacy.

There are various ways around this.

Depending on the degree of the Anorgasmia, this can be resolved usually within 4 sessions


Intercourse/Secondary Anorgasmia

You can still experience an orgasm through masturbation and oral sex, but can't do so through penetration.

At times this can be Psychological as well as Physiological.

Occasionally, this can be psychological (when it can often be traced either to guilt of some sort or to a fear of pregnancy) but it is more often the case that there is simply not enough contact and/or pressure on Your pubis.

When this is the case it can be because:

  1. Your partner's penis is too long to achieve a full penetration.
  2. Your partner's body shape simply does not allow enough contact.
  3. You needs more 'thrust'.
  4. Your partner suffers penetration anxiety.
  5. Your partner does not move at a speed You like.
  6. Your partner ejaculates too quickly though is not premature.

There are others but these are the most likely, however when we work with this, we have to take this person per person and situation per situation.

The Solution :

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