Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching


Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching is really very powerful.

I have an amazing job, I don't just work with people around stuff that is problematic, but I also get to help them enhance their Relationships, Sexual and Sensual sensations and help Couples and Individuals move away from body and sex shame and guilt that has been holding them hostage for so long. 

I offer bespoke Services to my clients this includes but is not limited to: 

  • Navigating Your Relationship without sacrificing Your Soul. 
  • Learn how to reignite Your powerful and Potent Sexual Energy. 
  • Experience incredible Sexual Pleasure
  • Step out of Sexual and Body Shame and Guilt and into unshakable Self Confidence, Courage and Blissful Joy and energy.
  • Learn to Love & Accept Yourself unconditionally
  • I don't just work with Women, I offer Men's Coaching on Sex, Love and Relationships. 
  • Access Your very powerful Sacred Sex centers so that You can experience deep and unconditional connection, love and bliss - Expanding Your Heart, Your Consciousness through Tantra and Kundalini Practices.
  • Release all fear of judgement and criticism truly becoming a force of Courage
  • Conscious Dating Guidance, no longer date the old way. Learn to come from a space of Power, Pleasure and Play

  • Explore and experience the massive benefits of Tantric Breathwork and Tantric Sex Practices to enhance Orgasms, Experience vaginal Orgasms, last longer, to experience incredible arousal and beautiful delicious sensual sensitivity 
  • Tantric Workshops for both Singles and Couples. Begin Your Sacred Sexuality Practice now and step into Your spiritual Journey
  • Experience Fully body Orgasms
  • Learn how much power Your Sexual Organs and Orgasms has and how You can use it to reach Your goals. 
  • Erotic Training 
  • Be absolutely more comfortable in the bedroom 
  • Reconnect to Your body and learn how to Alchemize Your emotions for a stronger, more Creative, Inspired, Intuitive and more balanced You. 
  • Letting go of past pain, and limiting conditioning around Relationships, Love and Sex

Each package or session is designed Uniquely just for You and Your needs. You're welcome to message me for Your bespoke package. 

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