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Thriving is not just meant for certain people. Thriving is meant for everyone.


Are You ready to activate and experience delicious vibrant energy?

Let's face it. You are not like everyone else. You are unique and that is why I offer BESPOKE. My bespoke coaching package that lasts 3 months is designed and developed to deal with certain themes in your life.

Weather you want to resolve Poverty Mindset that is preventing you from taking up space and showing up loud and proud, or shift into a space of incredible sexual pleasure. I've got your back.  Coaching is available for both men,women and couples.

We do wonderful deep coaching sessions where we release You from the limiting beliefs and install new empowering beliefs.

We resolve limiting behaviours, and teach your brain to move into expansive behaviours that allows you to take action, be motivated and inspired in your life.

Coaching allows us to truly go deeper into a space of activating your self empowerment. You learn methods that you will use for the rest of your life, which is why coaching is actually so deeply powerful.


Sexual Challenges


Sex Obsession/Addiction

Porn Addiction

Masturbation Addiction


Penetration Anxiety

Vaginal Dryness

No/Low Libido

Persistent Arousal




Hyper Orgasmia

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Some fetishes that causes upheaval and problems

Premature Ejaculation

Early Ejaculation

Sexual Shame & Guilt


Mismatched Libido between couples

Pleasure and Play enhancement for couples

Sexual challenges come in various forms, and I want You to know that here You have a space of safety to help You work through the challenges You're facing.


Couples Coaching

Couple's Sex & Pleasure Coaching is a beautiful experience. If  you and your partner have a good relationship but would like to bring back oomph, and create a beautiful more deeper connected container, then this is for You!

During our time together, you will learn to release any old wounding that has created any limiting beliefs around your pleasure and play so that the two of you can move into a  much deeper space of compassion, love and pleasure.

You will learn special connection and communication exercises that will bring back the OOMPH and Pleasure.

This process includes learning breathwork methods, pleasure enhancement methods and having complete presence for one another. Presence is a sacred and special experience in itself.

You will learn to recognize the divinity in each other, grow deeper respect for one another and learn how to honour each other in profound ways. And You will learn how to truly create a space where turn on and desire is safe and wonderful.

Dating from a space of Self Love & Personal Power

You've decided to put yourself out there on the dating scene, but oi vey - the thought of it all makes it feel icky to you.

Maybe you keep finding yourself gravitating towards men or women who are emotionally unavailable. Perhaps you've noticed a few patterns in your life that is uncomfortable and interfering with your ability to date.

Perhaps you feel stifled by various things, or maybe just believe that all men or all women just want one thing and feel despondent at the dating pool available.

Let's shift those beliefs and help you create a healthy powerful abundant story that allows you to enjoy dating. Make dating safe and fun for yourself on various levels.

Dating from a space of consciousness allows you to make the entire process fun, while activating fun, peace, joy and your deep magnetism. So many men and women approach dating from a space of fear and limitation, but what if it could be different?

What if you could approach it FROM Pleasure? What if you could approach it FROM ultimate self love? What if You could approach it FROM a space of ultimate self and personal power? Can you imagine how much more different dating would be?

It would remove the fears and anxieties and the baggage from previous relationships, allowing you freedom to date and have fun without old patterns like co - dependency to activate.

You'll be able to set healthy boundaries, and also experience whether You have a HELL YES, or a HECK NO - instead of just "settling".

What if you could go on dates and feel safe to be yourself, no need to "play games" - doesn't that just take so much stress of your shoulders?

Or what if you didn't constantly choose unavailable partners, or people who play games. What if you had such personal power that you could change this entire experience for yourself into one that actually allows you to be free from any fears of intimacy and love. Thus getting rid of old patterns of choosing inadequate partners?

How would that empowering or improve your life?

Ready to step into that powerful container with me? Want to know more and if you are indeed ready for this deep process of ultimate liberation?

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Sacred Sexuality Coaching

How would You like to learn about all the delicious juicy power that is inside of Yourself?

This Power Container allows us to dive deeply into your Sacred Sexuality, resolving shame around your body, your pleasure and Your ability to use your sexual energy to reach  your goals while shifting into the most powerful orgasms and pleasure sensations possible.

Yes you read that right.

During this time we dissolve limiting beliefs around yourself, and your body. And we dig deeply into resolving generations of shame that has been caught in your body through unconscious messages you had received about your pleasure and your body.

You will learn processes where you shift into ultimate self love, and how to work with the power of your Hara/Womb.

When we bring our Womb/Hara into the equation, we clear out toxic relationships and attachments. This allows us to truly and freely dive into love without all the attachments and fears that held us back.

This allows us to tap into the Divinity that resides inside ourselves, for too long we have removed the Divine from our lives and separated it from us. But what if you could move into the power of the Divine inside of yourself?

Through learning how to be inside of your body, you will hone your body based intuition, which is incredibly powerful in helping you to gain clarity, make choices and do the right thing for yourself on all levels.

And by befriending your body, and experiencing Cosmic Pleasure you release conditioned fear responses, physical and emotional trauma, and You learn how to experience sex as it was meant to be. Not just sex, but sacred, deep connected and wonderful sex where there is connection, compassion, safety and deep love.

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Coaching For Men 


My coaching isn't just reserved for the women, but also for men. If you find yourself struggling to truly to connect to your partner and want to learn how to experience tremendous sex and pleasure while feeling deeply empowered in your masculine energy, you're in the right place.

We will get onto a call, and discuss your needs.

Regardless of if you want to dump the porn, or enhance your pleasure, or ditch shyness. I can help. In fact there are many things I can help you with. I create an entire package based on oyur requirements and what you want to resolve.

I help various men with performance enhancement, and it is powerful.

You will tap into your potent masculine energy that allows You to feel deeply confident in yourself on all levels, you learn how to create a healthier sexual attitude that will serve you in dating, in your relationships and even your work.

Ready to find out how You can become Magnetic, Wonderfully Free and Date FROM power?

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Coaching is a deeply powerful and empowering way to increase Your performance and step into Your most potent You. 

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