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Are You Addicted to Negative Emotions?

By maryke | December 10, 2019

Did You know that You are addicted to Your trauma cycles? I explain how Your neuro-chemistry is actually the reason why You’re struggling and constantly stuck in illness and perpetual negative states. Myself and my peers find that there are so many people that have been conditioned to get stuck in their issues. And it…

Relationships & Destructive Patterns

By maryke | November 12, 2019

So, You’re on the market again, after the last relationship ended yet in another disaster. Here’s the thing about relationships… They don’t just happen. ALL relationships even with Yourself requires that You put in time and effort to make them work. It’s the same as maintaining Your job. You can’t just get hired, sit on…

Strengthening Your Emotional Love Bond.

By maryke | October 29, 2019

Strategies to Strengthen the Emotional Bond in Your Love Relationship I regularly get asked questions on Social media around Relationships and Sex and well – yeah it’s my job so of course people will ask me about all of those things. Relationships are always an opportunity to evolve. The challenges we face are actually a…

Create More Love

By maryke | October 19, 2019

Your relationship with your partner has the potential to be the most fulfilling experience in your life, in fact relationships actually helps us to grow on all levels. I like to think of Relationships as the portal towards a deeper and more spiritually rich life. However, there are snags that can happen at every step of the way.

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