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Vaginal Orgasms

By maryke | February 9, 2023

The elusive Vaginal Orgasm… How did you discover having an orgasm at first? Through your clitoris? Many women in fact discover their orgasms and their ability to experience pleasure this way. Simply because the clitoris is an external organ. Our vaginas are wonderfully hidden worlds that are inside our bodies, and for many women vagina’s…

Lack of Sexual Desire

By maryke | November 8, 2022

Ever just realize that months had gone by without as much as a tingle “down there”? Maybe your partner was hounding you for sex and all you could do was come up with some excuse of “Honey I have a migraine”, or something to that effect. The lack of sexual desire is a rather common…

The Power of Conscious Self-Pleasure 2

By maryke | November 5, 2022

The second part of Conscious Self-Pleasure and it’s effects on your ability to receive and give love.

The Power of Conscious Self – Pleasure 1

By maryke | November 1, 2022

In this series of Conscious Self – Pleasure you’re going to learn all about just how important it is to enter into a space of conscious self – pleasure. Watch the first video of the series here:

Self Love & Intimacy

By maryke | July 19, 2022

Yes, it’s THAT important Self love allows you to actually ask your own body permission instead of just going “Why yes, I’ll just sleep with you out of duty or out of fear”. Self love and self acceptance allows you to truly take that amazing body that you have and to love and accept every…

Your Reticular Activation System

By maryke | July 19, 2022

Oh it’s far more important than you realized. Transcription : Hi everyone, please note I’m not going to be paying attention to the chats right now as I’m on my phone. But I’ll answer questions throughout the day as I can do that. I just wanted to quickly talk to you about something important. But…

The Victim

By maryke | May 31, 2022

The sneaky little piece that keeps you stuck and spinning your wheels in the mud… If you invited friends over and you sat on the couch and put your feet on the couch while your shoes were on, chances would be your friends would think they could do the same thing.And this beautifully demonstrates actually…

Money is the root of all evil

By maryke | May 26, 2022

Every week in my sessions clients come to me with not just sexual issues, but other various traumas and limitations as well. I just yesterday worked with such an amazing woman, she came to me for a Future Life Progression because she was scared about losing income from a tenant who is moving out. And…

Feeling unsafe in Your relationship.

By maryke | May 14, 2022

When relationship coaching and therapy feels overwhelming and painful. At one point or another You may have felt unsafe in your relationship, and this is not a rare occurrence in relationships. Even when you both agreed that you would work together with someone to start healing your relationship, feeling unsafe and not regulating your nervous…

Pursuer & Distancer Dynamics

By maryke | April 25, 2022

Do you run away or do You chase? You feel overwhelmed and angry, and decide to make a bee – line for another room, or to leave the house altogether. And Your partner? They just can’t seem to leave you alone. Every few seconds your phone pings with an incoming message “Where are you?”, “Why…

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