One thing that I have seen is how many people are frustrated with their businesses. Let’s face it there are more and more people being self employed for various reasons. And many fail dismally.

So what do many do?

They hire Business Coaches and Consultants. And if they (the Business Coaches/Consultants) are worth their salt – they do excellent work and help to propel You towards success. But I’ve also experienced and also seen other’s getting no results at all when they sign up with a coach. And I’ve also witnessed that some constantly go through the Feast or Famine cycles – even with the help of their Business Coach/Consultant.

Deep Diving into why some people become wealthy

Researching this was the next step, I’m a curious woman. I’m interested in the Human Psyche and the energy system. I want to know why something didn’t work. I want to know how to make it work. And what’s more I like to find ways to do it faster. But even I had realized at times there are many other factors that I hadn’t taken into consideration and lightning fast might mean that someone has previously done a lot of work to release their limiting Core Identities.

Deep diving into Biographies of the wealthy, along with my studies in Alternative and Complimentary methods and methods in Psychology. I really looked at the drivers of why people fail and why some succeed. I’m also not the first to have done this.

We live in an information age so, with some searching you’re bound to find some information.

The realizations I had is that when it came to most really wealthy people; (I’m friends a few too) there were a few factors. Many of them didn’t come from money – most of them made their own money and most of them created their own success.

A part of the puzzle piece of their success

  1. They bring fun into their life.
  2. Those that made money with ease – have impeccable beliefs around money and making it.
  3. They created services/products they are intensely proud of.
  4. Whatever they create is to improve the world and to help others
  5. Money is the outcome but not the reward or the goal
  6. They burned up any limiting beliefs
  7. They had at least one person that believed in them when everyone else thought they were nuts or out of their mind.
  8. They cultivated a mind of total belief in their abilities and what they have to offer.
  9. They structured clear goals
  10. They knew what they would get once they reached their goals – i.e an uplifted community etc.
  11. They didn’t do it for the recognition, but rather for the betterment of Humanity.
  12. They are philanthropists, most do it very quietly and don’t flaunt it.
  13. They have a really great self esteem/self love.
  14. Even when things seemed dire, they didn’t give up. They kept focusing on their vision and what it would do for the world around them.
  15. They understand their Soul Contract here on earth. What it is they are suppose to do.
  16. They also don’t badmouth people for having money. Something that is very evident on social media. “Why doesn’t that Billionaire rather use this money to uplift the poor?” – While in the mean time they are doing just that but not flaunting it. If You’re saying stuff like that – STOP IT. Your belief about money is showing AND it tells me You have a fear of success.
  17. They update their goals, once they reached a goal – they would update it.

Mindset should never be left out if You’re building a business

The list also goes on of course. BUT THE MOST EVIDENT… Is their mindset. Personally I have seen people go from $ 5K in their bank account to $ 100K in a week. Why? Because of their Core Identity. They worked diligently to create deep rooted and powerful beliefs, while at the same time employing their Intuition (I refer to intuition as my Superconscious, Higher Self and Subconscious’s) or otherwise known as my Unconscious Minds.

I have an incredible relationship with them(my Unconscious Minds), so much so that I follow their guidance to a T. They play a massive role in my life moment to moment, and they have always been so brilliantly amazing on all levels. And this is another thing about Healthy Entrepreneurs. They know to listen to their Unconscious minds/Intuition. They don’t question it AND… along with that, don’t operate FROM a space of lack or fear. They absolutely live in Abundance at all times. They don’t let things side track them, not even when they’re facing jail time.


Because everything in life happens for a valuable reason. Lessons are learned. Sometimes hard ones. But if it takes that for You to listen then it will happen.

That reason? So You can wake up to the patterns and triggers You need to heal. IF You’re constantly going in feast of famine – You have a pattern – it needs healing. You have conflicting beliefs in your brain that is stopping You from maintaining Feast.

Bad things that happens is purely to help You realize that You have something You have to heal.

Maybe You have a limiting belief inside of Yourself saying that You aren’t worthy of money, or success. And believe me it will be the reason You constantly experience failure in Relationships and Money. They are inextricably connected on all levels.

The brain gives You what You feed it.

If You have a image of Yourself as a fat frog, someone that’s always sick, or someone that can’t get healthy quickly, as being bad, or stupid, or incapable of anything – then Your brain will create situations or attract You to people and situations that will prove that limitation correct.

i.e “See? I told You ALL men/women are just bad” – I’m sure You’ve heard THAT before. It’s a core identity. And as a result You end up choosing people and situations over and over that proves that all men/women are bad.

How are Core Identities created?

They are created by Your experiences, by the people that raise You. They are created by highly charged emotions during an experience. Emotion is at the root of ALL of this.

Highly charged emotional experiences are at the root

While You experience something Your critical factor is bypassed, and whatever happens i.e Your partner dumps You, or a friend steals from You or a life threatening event like a car accident and losing someone happens, You will create a core identity due to the highly charged emotions. Now what also happens is that every single previous event, experience, perception is employed while this Core Identity is created and so You have all these neural pathways in Your brain and body matching patterns, strengthening any limiting thoughts further.

And as this is created – You see Yourself in a certain way. Perhaps as someone that constantly loses what they love because You lost a loved one. Or someone that’s accident prone, or someone that’s a failure or someone that needs to be punished.

Your brain will do whatever it can do to make sure that Your Core Identity will be proven as truth.

Now the great news! It can be changed. You can recover from it. If You do it on Your own, it does take time. If You work with someone knowledgeable about it then it won’t take that long. Thankfully.

So how does this all apply in Business, Business coaching and so on?

Since You have a negative Core Identity around money, business, success or failure – You might not be one of the people that experience success right out the door working with a Business coach; unless they are highly skilled in Core Identity work or mental processes/methods that they can employ to help You change it faster.

Can You think of the different Core Identities that YOU might be employing and how they are causing You to act and react the way You do?

I’d love to hear from You. Feel free to message me with Your responses.

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