Fear is the brain’s way to try and keep you safe.

It is not your enemy, you might think so. But it’s really not.

Imagine it as an overprotective helicopter Mama, all it’s trying to do is to grab hold of you and press you against her chest, holding you tightly while stroking Your hair and telling you “Mama’s got you baby, mama’s got you. I love you and I’ll never let you get hurt. I promise”. That is what fear is. She’s an overprotective Mama bear.

But You can also get her to loosen her grip a little bit each day. Create safety in Your nervous system through breathwork, through somatic work, through understanding your triggers and then of course – de – triggering your brain through therapeutic methods.

Want to unravel Mama bears arms?Book a free Clarity call with me. Let’s see that we’re a good fit and how I can help you become free from Mama Bear’s strangling grip.


Love Maryke