I know that we live in modern times and that speed is everything.

We live in a world where getting things done NOW is the flavour of the day – otherwise it can affect businesses. But at what cost is this kind of living actually affecting us?

Living in a state of speed is activating your FFF (Fight, flight and freeze) responses. And it’s draining You. BIG TIME. It’s also costing many relationships because the high stress is causing couples and friends and families to fight.

Also considering that we’re in the times of a pandemic and there is so much pain around right now. People lost their jobs, PTSD is on the rise again because of family units and friends writing each other off due to extreme emotions and resentment. It all builds up. And it all breaks down.

But how can you slow down and live a more orgasmic life, a life filled with more meaning and intention instead of always running around and feeling like You’re being chased?

In this short blog, I’m going to share with you a few mind changes and I truly hope that this will help You change the way You go about Your life.

You see, I have on numerous occasions struggled with burnout and exhaustion myself. And it was till I learned Tantra and various other Energy Healing methods along with Breathwork and Mindfulness that I started to take things slow. I started living a more deliberate life instead of one always on the go.

There are times yes, where I have a full schedule. But even then I make sure to take an hour broken up throughout the day for myself to truly just go into present moment attention. It has helped me change my life in a deep way. And I hope You can start to live this way too. You don’t have to start off with an hour, but how about 10 minutes, you can break it up through out the day, set your alarm and just allow yourself to move into a minute or two of being present and just doing ‘nothing’, which will help your brain and your body reset.

When you eat, savour the taste of the food. Become present and aware of the taste, the textures and the sensations. Ask yourself, how does your body respond to this food, or whatever you’re drinking… and take a moment to truly enjoy it. – When you put on lipstick – slow down. Make it sensual.

Putting on makeup is not for anyone else but for YOURSELF.

Slow down the process. Become deliberate in everything you do. Deliberately and sensually apply your lipstick. Savoring the sensations of the lipstick on your lips. – Breathe. Take a moment to “Do nothing”. This could look like sitting on the couch with tea and staring out the window. This is a very sacred experience.

And it is very satisfying. Give yourself the permission to do nothing and be present. It will change so much in your life for the better. Few people understand the power of being present. Few understand how healing it is to be present and in the moment.

Allow yourself to feel what your body is doing in that moment.

What sensations do you experience as you breathe and slow down.

And soften towards having a moment of deliberate presence. Go touch a tree or a plant and notice what your senses tell you about the bark or the leaves or the flower. Notice how it all registers in your system in that moment. Savour the experience. Imprint it onto your memory.

What do you notice?

Do you notice the bumps and the grooves? The exquisite lines that tell a story that can take you into a magickal space?

When you are with your partner, smell their smell.

Notice what your body does. How they respond, or what they do.

Do you perhaps pick up the musky smell, or a note of oak? Perhaps you pick up the smell of pine, or rose. When you give oral sex, can you be so present in your partners pleasure that you can feel it in your own body?

When you are in bed, notice the sensations of the sheets on your body, where does it feel heavier, numb or soft? Where does it feel safe and nurturing.

This is the way of orgasmic life. This is the way of being present. Remind yourself throughout the day to take these sacred moments.

And to then give thanks.

Because they are truly really sacred.

Love Maryke