Strategies to Strengthen the Emotional Bond in Your Love Relationship

I regularly get asked questions on Social media around Relationships and Sex and well – yeah it’s my job so of course people will ask me about all of those things.

Relationships are always an opportunity to evolve. The challenges we face are actually a blessing (yeah right You crazy woman you, wait till things turn nuclear for You and You won’t ever say that for Your own relationship) *Coughs… Believe me I’ve been there. My relationships have gone nuclear. Believe me I know what it’s like when You enter that tunnel of darkness.

I’m coming to You from a deep space of understanding what You’re going through. So, when You’re in a love relationship, behaving in ways that will be helpful to make the relationship last is so important.

Considering holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes, making time for dates and planning special get – away’s are beautiful ways to keep the romance and emotional intimacy alive.

You will also hear me regularly harping on about honesty about Your feelings, Listening the right way and making sure that You have a relationship based on equality.  These are incredibly powerful and effective strategies to help Your relationships.

Your relationship is a living breathing being, and it deserves to be fed so it can keep growing and morphing into something beautiful. If You breathe life and love into it as a couple, You will get that back again.

Implementing these tips will help draw you closer together and strengthen your bond:

Hold hands when you’re out together. It feels good to demonstrate your love for one another. Plus, when you hold hands, you show the world that the two of you are a closely connected couple. Holding hands is a great way to express your love for each other. Try it and see the difference it makes.

Look into your partner’s eyes when you talk to him or her. As life gets busy, it’s easy to forget to do the little things, like gaze into your partner’s eyes. If you make it a point to look into your partner’s eyes when you speak to him, the two of you will be drawn closer and closer. I help my couples do a practice of Eye Gazing as well – this helps to reconnect the two of You on various levels.

Keep your relationship fresh by scheduling a special date each week. Plan in advance to do something special together. Whether it’s enjoying a meal at the new gourmet restaurant on Friday night or having lunch and seeing a movie on Saturday afternoon, weekly dates should be common occurrences.

  • Your partner will love the idea that you were thinking about what the two of you could do to enjoy each other’s company after a busy work week.
  • You can go to a movie, go for a hike in a Botanical garden – pack a lunch! Pack vibrant fruits and finger eats – You can feed each other.
  • Go to Pottery classes together, or find something the two of You can do together as well.

Plan a little get-away together. Nothing enhances intimacy like planning a romantic get-away together. Talk about where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there. It’s exciting and fun to think about seeing a new place together that neither of you have seen before.

  • It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – if you live near the seashore, make the drive together and stay over one night. Enjoy the beach, have a nice dinner out and explore the area. If you live near an historic location, spend the day exploring places of historic significance, have a great lunch or dinner and drive back home.
  • Whether it’s a day trip or an overnight foray, bring adventure into your lives by investigating new places.

Be genuine, open and respectful when sharing your feelings. Tell your true feelings to your mate. They’ll appreciate it if you do it in an honest, non-threatening way.

  • Saying something like, “I really appreciate that you prepared my favorite meal when you knew I was having a rough day” or “I’d prefer not to see the combat film; let’s see the comedy instead” shows you feel safe enough in the relationship to be genuine and real with your feelings.
  • When things get deeper I encourage my couples to honestly share their feelings, I have a beautiful method that I teach my clients that helps them to share deeply without any judgment or resentment. Being able to maintain this is super important for Your relationship and truly a deep gift.

On the flip side, listen closely with all your attention. Assume that everything your partner says is important. Stop what you’re doing and pay close attention when they talk. If you’re not sure what they mean, say it back to them just to make sure.

  • Saving something like, “Do you mean that you’d rather see the movie at the local theater instead of the one in the city?” will help you clarify what your partner said. You’ll enjoy a more intimate relationship if you both know you’re listening and listened to by the other.
  • I always tell my Clients – You don’t just listen with Your ears, You listen with Your entire being. Tap into what Your partner is feeling and what you’re feeling as You communicate. This is a vital and healing skill to grow.
  • When You get triggered, ask Yourself whether this is a truth or is this a trigger. This will help You gain perspective and also help You to take a step back so that You don’t end up in an unnecessary fight.  
  • Holding space or learning how to hold space in a Relationships is in my opinion a Relationship saving skill. And something I wish I had learned from a young age. You are never too young to learn how to hold space for another. It will save You a lot of heartache.

Make it an outcome to have an equal partnership. If you both give and receive respect to each other, your relationship stands to become very strong and your emotional intimacy level will vastly increase.

  • To strengthen and solidify the relationship, accept that neither partner is more important than the other, nor should external family members get in between your relationship.
  • Also be aware if You have some core wounding around this area. What are Your perceptions around let’s say washing dishes? Do You trigger around this? Couples that are a team, know that even though they may hate something that compromising on some things will help their relationship.

If you put these strategies to work in your relationship, you’ll experience the most intimate and beautiful love affair you’ve ever desired or experienced. You’ll keep the lust and love alive!



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