No really. There’s a connection between the pelvis and the throat.

Those fascia are connected to each other.

a Simple Practice You can follow …

a Simple practice for You to start doing now is this – relax your jaw, open your mouth and chant Aum.

As in the sacred word aum. When you do it – really let it come from your belly. Feel how it vibrates through your body. During this process, also ask yourself where do I feel numb?

And then imagine or pretend that when you do the “aum” sound that you’re sending it to that area specifically.

Using your sound activates the Parasympathetic nervous system, and balances the vagus nerve, this places you into a state of deep relaxation and safety. When this happens Your system knows You’re safe and pleasure and orgasms come easier.

Do that for a week every day – do the “aum” practice for a good 5 minutes twice a day – then after you’ve gotten into that, and activated your safety mechanisms, while you’re masturbating let yourself focus on the sounds of pleasure coming from your belly and focus on the pleasure not the end result.

Allow it to come deeply from yourself – I also at times have my clients “sigh” loudly from their belly, which also activates the sexual energies and allows them to experience deeply spiritual sexual energy.

Recap and the Process :

Let’s recap :

Simply sit upright on your couch, and let yourself relax as you now focus on chanting the word “aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” – You might have to do this a few times as you focus half your attention on your body and locating sensations and the other half on what the sound makes you feel or not feel.

As You chant, can you let your attention drift into the areas of your body You feel “numb” or nothing? if you can, pretend or imagine for a moment that You’re sending the sensation and the word down to those areas and imagine that it is on some level “awakening” or enlivening that area where it’s numb.

Keep doing this for a good 5 minutes each day and see what happens in 14 days of daily practice.

Let me know how You get on. 



Your Resident Pleasure Shaman