Did you know that every woman’s vulva is unique? Just like a thumbprint. It is unique in all it’s ways and it’s an incredible part of Your body. Yet – utterly disrespected in most cases. Considering the word p@ssy is in fact used to describe someone that is filled with fear and so on. It is in short used in a derogatory way, but honestly – If you could consider this for a moment.

Your vulva takes a lot. When women give birth it expands and stretches to accommodate Your precious baby’s journey into this world. And as the baby moves down the birth canal, all kinds of very important bacteria is absorbed by the baby. The entire vulva is created in a way to be a powerful space.

And it’s job is not just for sex or birthing of a child. But it is also the vessel through where our ideas are actually bought into existence. Our womb/hara is the point of creation, and our vagina is the portal to bringing through us our beautiful ideas which had been growing inside of ourselves.

You have a Portal in Your body… and it is sacred.

Our bodies are indeed spiritual on all levels. I have found in the many years of doing this work, and delving into Sacred S3xuality, that when we are in harmony and we have a beautiful divine relationship with our bodies on a whole, that they are capable of bringing what is in the Subconscious (various amazing ideas and intuitive guidance) through with total ease. And many of my clients have reported that once their relationship with their body changed that it was as if they could all of a sudden receive better payment, get better clients, have better relationships with others.

This shows you how entwined all of this is. And it comes down to safety.

When you are in a divine relationship with your Womb/Hara and your vulva – you activate safety in Your nervous system. Is it no wonder that in the clitoris and penis head there are over 8000 nerve endings? That is a lot – and we all know how vital the Nervous system is right? When you activate your PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) You activate social skills, you show up more, you find your libido for life on all levels and You experience true peace and harmony in Your life.

Creative ideas and acting on those ideas become easier.

However, few men and women truly understand what it means to have a close relationship with their body. It is considered as something that is just there. It burps, farts, defecates, sneezes… but is rarely considered the vessel that carries the Divine.

I get a lot of women coming to me and just hating the thought of a man going down on her – because “Ew” is their response about their beautiful womanhood.

On some level, at some point they were taught that their p@ssy is UGLY and a horror. And sadly we live in a time now where I have to even use a “@” instead of the “u” in the word. Isn’t it amazing that we in these times are punished for our sexuality and for something that is so natural?

Disgust or Awe?

What have you learned about Your vulva? When you think about your sexual organs, are you left with awe or shame and disgust? Is it something that should be hidden and not discussed openly? What narrative shows up for you around your p@ssy – or even the WORD p@ssy?

Where did you learn to feel what you feel about your s3xual organs? Was it Your choice, or someone else’s conditioning? Do you think that you can soften towards your body?

Can you allow yourself to soften into acceptance and more love, towards your p@ssy, and perhaps allow yourself to let yourself feel and think that it’s at least 1% prettier or more beautiful each day?

This is the beginning of ultimate self love.

Ultimate self love and self acceptance = total freedom. 😉

Play Time :

Every day for 2 minutes look at your vulva in a hand held mirror, and ask yourself – can I soften and love her more? Knowing that she births, and brings life into this world.

Can I love her 1% more each day, knowing that she is the canal for creation and creativity to come through and into me?

Do this for 2 weeks. See what changes in that time.

Love Maryke

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash